Preliminary program (July, 2022)

SundayPrivate lessons9.00-15.45
Master’s concert16.00-17.30
Monday Private lessons9.00-15.45
Tuesdays Private lessons9.00-15.45
Rehearsals with pianist 9:00-11:00
Competition 12:00-21:30
Wednesday Chamber music les09.00-15.45
 Swimming pool16.00-18.00
Rehearsals with pianist /solo/17.00-18.00
Concert solo /winners19.00-21.00
Thursday Chamber music les9.00-15.45
Excursion  Brussels 18.00-22.00
Friday Extra activités 9.00-11.00
Chamber music les11.00-15.5
Chamber music concert all17:00-21:00
Saturday Chamber music les11.00-15.45
 Concert with Chapelle Sauvage *19:00-22:00
Sunday Rehearsal 11.00-13.00
Gala concert14.00-16.00
  • “Musicorum festival“: selected musicians during the competitions
  • Concert with Chapelle Sauvage * : selected musicians during the competitions.

Planning of a typical day

09h00-12h45Private / chamber music lessons
13h30-15h45Private / chamber music lessons
15h45-16h15Coffee break
16h15-18h00Orchestra rechersals
16h15-20h00Private piano lessons
18h15-20h30Extra private / chamber music lessons