Results after Pre-Selection 2024

The results, list of winners and prizes of Music Academy FORTE



  • Grant for the Music Academy FORTE, festival & Masterclasses 2024: Yui Harumashi, Nadav Ein-Gal, Kristians Gorbatko, Médol Roméo.
  • Participation at the concert of MUSICORUM festival:  Eleonora Von Albertini, Fei Chang, Verena Lo, Yui Harumashi, Leo Denizen, Nadav Ein-Gal, Julia Stephan.
  • Participation at the concert with CAMERATA BRIMA 2023/2024: Médol Roméo, Oscar Vandegard
  • Grant for participation in MUSICARTE festival & Competition 2024 (-50%) to all 1st prize winners
  • Participation in the concerts of chamber music organised by Royal Library of Belgium in 2023-2024  awarded to Oscar Vandegard
  • Special gifts:
    • AZZATO music store Brussel to the youngest promising musician Agnia Kovaleva  
    • POINT D’ORGUE music library to all piano winners’ sheet music
    • MAISON BERNARD to all strings & flute winners’ bag and branded rosin production Bernard



Debutant (Age 5-8 yo):  

  • 1st Place:   Agnia Kovaleva (Belgium)

Category A (Age 9-11 yo):

  • 1st Place:   Yui Harumashi (Japan)
  • 1st Place:   Eliza Kozlova (Latvia)
  • 2nd Place:  Zihao Tang (China)
  • 3rd Place:   Rohan Laurence Vasan (Australia)
  • 3rd Place:   Sophia Wurst (Germany)
  • Encouragement award: Liling Ma (China)

Category B (Age 12-14 yo):

  • 1st Place:   Leo Denizen (USA)
  • 2nd Place:  Zina Clipici (Romania)
  • 2nd Place:  Christian Glissen (Netherlands)
  • 3rd Place:   Yichun Wei (China)
  • Encouragement award: Troy William Deng (USA), Konrad Jedrzejczyk (Poland)

Category C (Age 15-17 yo)

  • 1st Place:   Nadav Ein-Gal (Israel)
  • 2nd Place:  Katelyn Yufei Lu (USA)
  • 2nd Place:  Oscar Vandegard (Belgium)
  • 3rd Place:   Xeniya Ivanchenko (Kazakhstan)

Category D (Age 18-20 yo)

  • 1st Place:   Julia Stephan (Germany)
  • 3rd Place    Ben Polonsky (Israel)

Category E (Age 21-25 yo)

  • 2nd Place: Sarshar Ghozat (Iran)



Debutant (Age 5-8 yo)

  • 1st Place:  Eleonora Von Albertini (Switzerland)

Category A (Age 9-11 yo)

  • 1st Place: Diana Garcia Loriz (Spain)
  • 1st Place:         Emilia Linsen (Netherlands)
  • 2nd Place        Takatomo Koreishi (Japan)
  • Encouragement award: Eleonora Jedrzejczyk (Poland)

Category B (Age 12-14 yo)

  • 1st Place:         Kristians Gorbatko  (Latvia)
  • 2nd Place:       Kiki Skinner (United Kingdom)
  • 3rd Place:        Fei Chang (China)
  • 3rd Place:        Seo Woo Chin (South Korea)
  • Encouragement award: Nehir Kiran (Turkey), Daichi Koreishi (Japan), Yuta Yasui (Japan)

Category C (Age 15-17 yo)

  • 1st Place:         Médol Roméo (Belgium)
  • 2nd Place:       Yuna Choi (South Korea)
  • 2nd Place:       Yiheng Olao (Chna)
  • 3rd Place:        Verena Lo (USA)
  • 3rd Place:        Marina Aleksieieva (Ukraine)


Category E (Age 18-20 yo)

  • 3rd Place:        Nikola Řezníčková (Czech Republic)


Results of 2022 available HERE