The Summer Music Academy FORTE is open for piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and organ players aged 10-20 y.o. 


The Summer Music Academy FORTE will take place in majestic premises of Sacré-Cœur de Lindthout, the school that is located in the heart of Brussels.

Masterclass Content

Every participant will take part in solo as well as several chamber music ensembles from 08h00 till 18h00 each day.

For violin, viola, cello, piano and flute players

You will get the following masterclasses:

Individual lessons: 3  x 45min
Chamber music lessons:10-12 x 45min
Orchestra rehearsals:5-7 x 1h30min

Organ players

You will get the following masterclasses (5,6,7,8 July):

Individual lessons: 3x45min
Visit 3 different churches in Brussels with different organs. Trainees will have an opportunity to try these instruments, which are located in some of the most famous churches in the capital of Europe, and hear interesting stories about them from the organ class master.Half of the day for each church

Also included during this week:

  • 2 public concerts
  • 1 Gala concert (on July 11th, 15:00 – 17:00)
  • 1 competition (solo and chamber music)

Your teacher will help make decision which ensembles or solo choose to perform in public concerts and competition.


One round Competition for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, flute  – open only for participants of the masterclasses.

Maximum 30 participants accepted by category strings and 20 participants by category piano.

  • Cat A :  9 – 10  – 11 yo: program  5min
  • Cat B:  12 – 13 – 14 yo: program  10min
  • Cat C:  15 – 16  – 17 yo: program  15min 
  • Cat D:  18 – 19 –20 yo: program  20min                                                          
Violin, Viola , cello
  • one virtuous study, caprise + work(s) of a free choice
  • Piano
  • one virtuous study + work(s) of a free choice
  • Flute
  • one virtuous study + work(s) of a free choice
  • Prizes for Competition

    1-2-3 prizes (diplomas) + Special prizes:

    • Participation at the multiple concerts at Royal Museums in Belgium
    • Participation at the “Chapelle Sauvage” 2022:
    • Bon for participation at the “Music Academy FORTE” 2023


    • For piano, violin, viola, cello, flute players: 600 euro
    • For organists: 300 euro. If organists wish to take part in chamber music masterclasses as piano players than the costs will be 600 euro

    A very limited amount of scholarships are available. Each scholarship application (in the form of a letter) must obligatorily be sent at the same time as the candidate’s application. No scholarship request will be taken into consideration if submitted after notification of the candidate’s acceptance.

    On top of masterclasses the fees also cover:

    • Rehearsals (open for participants only)
    • 2 meals per day: Breakfast + Lunch
    • Professional photos
    • Professional video recording during the concerts and competition
    • Life streaming of main performances (on our YouTube channel) 
    • Excursions in the area
    • Sport facilities 
    • Rooms for practicing
    • Costs for supervision and day care for minor participants

    Accommodation options

    Internat option: we have an option to provide beds for participants for extra 100 euro (total for 9 nights) in a shared room (4-8 participants in a room)

    Externat option: you can stay at hotels nearby (hotel costs are not included in the fee). Recommended hotels nearby:

    To be announced in May 2021


    Each student is responsible for personal medical insurance, accident risk and personal belongings including insurance of his/her instrument. All insurance must be prepaid and copies of the contracts must be submitted to Summer Music Academy “FORTE”  by the beginning of the course.

    Additional Information

    Music of the different chamber music ensembles will be sent to the student by e-mail during Mai 2021.

    Course members must prepare two complete pieces by different composers in advance of the course (for SOLO lessons). However for children, one piece of an appropriate level of difficulty is sufficient.

    Extra information for accompanying persons:

    Recommended hotels nearby: To be announced in May 2021