1. The second edition of Summer Music Academy FORTE for young musicians will take place in Brussels on July 3-10th, 2022 and will end with a Gala concert on July 10th, 2022.

The Summer Music academy FORTE is open for musicians of 10-20 y.o., players of piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, organ.

2. Important deadlines

May 1st, 2022  – deadline for application for participation at the master classes                

For registration you need to fill out an online application form.

When filling out the online form, you will need to:

  • attach a scan of an artistic photo of the participant (in jpeg format)
  • attach a passport or participant ID scan (in jpeg format)
  • attach a YouTube link with a recent performance of participant
  • pay 50 euros as a registration fee (payment by credit card, not refundable).

While filling out the application form, you must indicate your choice of the mode of accommodation: Internat or Externat:

  • Internat: choose if you would like to sleep at academy premises during the entire duration of the event. In this case, you will get a bed in a shared room (4 children). Additional costs of 160 euros for the entire period applies.
  • Externat: choose if you would like to be present at the academy from 08:00 till 18:00 every day and sleep elsewhere (Attention! The leaving hours will be later on the days when you participate in concerts or competition). With Externat option no extra costs apply.

By May 5th, 2022 – selected candidates will receive confirmation and requests for payment of remaining amounts:

  • 550 euro players of piano, violin, viola, cello, flute.
  • 150 euro players of organ
  • 160 euro : for hostel for the participants, who chooser Internat

By May 8th 2022 – Remaining fees need to be paid 

+ Deadline for inscription for participation at the competition “Forte”

3. Costs of Participation in the Summer Music Academy FORTE

  • Piano, violin, viola, cello, flute: 600 euro
  • Organ: 200 euro

Refund policy

In case of cancellation:

  • before May 20th 2022 /participation fees/ Piano, violin, viola, cello, flute: 500 Euros will be refunded
  • before May 20th 2022 /participation fees/ Organ: 100 Euros will be refunded
  • after May 21th 2022   /participation fees/: will not be refunded 
  • after May 10th 2022   /Internaut option/: will not be refunded 

In case of travel prohibition issued by competent authorities (related to COVID-19 pandemic), the full amount will be refunded (with the exception of administration fees 50 euro).

ATTENTION: it is necessary to take into account the situation at the time of registration. A full refund is possible only in accordance with the conditions updated on June 30, 2022.

4. Each participant will get the following masterclasses:

  • Individual lessons: 3 x 45min
  • Chamber music lessons: 10-12 x 45min (except organ: some rehearsals chamber music &orchestra)
  • Orchestra rehearsals: 5-7 x 1h30min (except piano, organ)

Additional activities included in the price

Sunday, July 3d ,202219:00 – 21:00Teachers concert “Welcome”
Monday, July 4th,202219:00 – 21:30  Concert with ARTE AMANTI
Tuesday, July 5th 2022  *Competition “Music Academy FORTE” /extra inscription/
12:00-18:30  – Competition Strings  
18:30-21:00   – Competition Piano
Wednesday, July 6th 202219:00 – 21:30Solo & Orchestra concert (except participants of competition)
Thursday, July 6th 202212:00 – 13:00 **Concert organised by MUSICORUM festival
Friday, July 8th, 202218:30 – 21:30 Chamber Music & Orchestra Concert
Saturday, July 9th, 2022To be announced***Concert organised by “La Chapelle Sauvage”
Sunday, July 10th, 202214:00 – 17:00  Gala concert for all participants

* Competition: if candidate would like to take part at the competition, it’s necessary to do a separate registration via online link after the confirmation from the administration about admission to the master classes.

**For some winners of the competition 2022 and selected musicians from 2021 edition

***Participants of the orchestra or as a soloist with orchestra for some winners of the competition 2022 and selected musicians from 2021 edition selected by the direction of the festival “La Chapelle Sauvage”

The costs also cover:

  • Meals (lunch&diner)
  • Professional photos
  • Professional video recording during the concerts and competition
  • Life streaming of main performances (YouTube) 
  • Excursions in the area
  • Sport facilities 
  • Rooms for practicing
  • Costs for supervision and day care for minor participants
  • Extra activities for young musicians

5. Planning of a typical day

  • Sunday 3 July at 8h30-8h45: check in for all participants at the venue of the Masterclasses.
  • Each day at 08h30: all participants check in at school
  • Each day: when the day completely finished (after the concert, competition etc, it’s around 22h00): participants can leave the school
08h00-08h30Breakfast (only for Internaut stay option)
08h30All participants check in at the venue
09h00-12h45Private / chamber music lessons
13h30-15h45Private / chamber music lessons
16h00-18h00Orchestra rehearsals
16h00-18h00Private piano lessons/or time for practicing
19h00-22h00Different concerts, competition.

6. Scholarships for masterclasses FORTE 2022:

A limited number of scholarships are available. Each scholarship application (in the form of a letter) must be sent at the same time as the candidate’s application. No scholarship request will be taken into consideration if submitted after notification of the candidate’s acceptance. 

Along with the request to participate, you can send us a letter of motivation, supported by an income certificate, concerning obtaining a scholarship (maximum (50% of the cost of the Masterclasses). 

We do not provide scholarships for participation in the competition.

7. Insurance

Each participant is responsible for personal medical insurance, accident risk and personal belongings including insurance of his/her instrument. All insurance must be prepaid and copies of the contracts must be submitted to Summer Music Academy FORTE  by the beginning of the course.

8. Parents

Our staff will welcome all participants of younger ages. They make sure that they go to bed on time and eat properly.

Students will have some free time in between their lessons, concerts, excursions… but stay all together during their free time in order to be able to build new relationships and find new friends.

We encourage parents to attend the students’ concerts and festival concerts but they are not admitted to enter chamber music, individual lessons or orchestra rehearsals.

For the same reasons, parents are not allowed to enter the school area during masterclass period except for a concerts and competition.

9. Additional Information

  • Chamber music: music of the different chamber music ensembles will be sent to the participants by e-mail during Mai 2022.
  • SOLO: participants must prepare two complete pieces by different composers in advance of the course for SOLO lessons. 

During inscription for the participation at the masterclasses, the candidate can indicate his/her preference for competition or solo concert for SOLO program. The program that a participant wishes to perform at a concert or at a competition cannot be changed.

  • Accompanist: Solo lessons of flute, violin, cello will be done without accompanist. The accompanist will attend one rehearsal before the competition or concert. Rehearsal duration: 15 min – 30 min, depending on the age and program

10. COVID regulations

All participants must have a complete vaccination QR code or submit a test document every 48 hours.

Attention! If a participant in master classes needs to be taken to tests, we cannot guarantee that he will be able to attend all classes. An additional invoice for the accompanying services will also be sent.

11. Responsibilities

The administration of the academy does not bear any responsibility for the children who must move to the academy before the beginning of the master classes (10:am, July 3rd, 2022) or after the end of the academy classes (18:00 on the day of the Gala Concert (July 10th).
All responsibility beyond the hours/dates of the masterclasses rests solely with the parents.