Currently teaching at the Brussels International Music Academy. Before she moved to Brussels, she was teaching as a senior lecturer at the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) including music theory, history, composition, and supervising postgraduate candidates (master’s and doctoral degree) in their creative research.

Dr. HueyChing Chong began her composition studies with Malaysian composer, Yii Kah Hoe. From 2010 to 2017, with the full support of the Japanese Government Monbukagakusho Scholarship Award, she continued her musical exploration under the tutelage of Prof. Keiko Harada at Toho Gakuen School of Music and Tokyo College of Music. In 2017, she obtained her Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition) from Tokyo College of Music. Besides that, she has also studied with Prof. Akira Nishimura, and Prof. Michio Kitazume. From 2020 to 2022, she continued to develop her compositional ideas and skills with the guidance of Spanish composer, Alberto Posadas.

In 2014, her composition RAW for 13 instrumentalists was awarded the 12th President Award of Tokyo College of Music. In 2017, introspection-intro for solo accordion was awarded the best solo composition at Composers+ Summer Academy. Her music has been performed in many countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland, Turkey, Malta, and Lithuania.

She has been invited to numerous international music festivals and conferences including Indonesia Composers Week 2022, Malditas e Inéditas Música se escribe con M de Mujer with musicologist, Elsa Calero-Carramolino, Universidad de Granada (2021, Spain), Festival Mujeres en la Música Nueva (2020, Colombia), Mostra Sonora (2019, Music Festival in Sueca, Valencia, Spain), Tokyo College of Music Symposium – Creative Possibilities of East Asian Traditional Musical Instruments (2014, Japan), Geijutsu Dangi Vol. 1 – Special participation as international student (2011, Japan), Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (2009 & 2010, Indonesia).

She has been selected to participate in numerous international masterclasses, including the International Ensemble Modern Academy (IEMA) 2016/17, Composers+ Summer Academy 2017, Curs Internacional de Composició Institut Français-Barcelona Modern Project 4th Edition (Nov 2017, Jan 2018, May 2018), Experimental Thai Music Laboratory 2016, Burapha University (March 2016), Atlas Lab 2016, DAAD International Exchange Creative Exposition, HfM Würzburg X Tokyo College of Music 2015, Ensemble Modern and Tokyo Wonder Site Academy 2011, Manila Composers’ Lab 2009 and many more.

She has also collaborated with international renowned musicians including Iñaki Alberdi (Accordion), Ricardo Descalzo (Piano), Elena Casoli (Guitar), Wu Wei (Chinese Sheng), Naoko Kikuchi (Japanese Koto), Atsushi Sugawara (Percussion), Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, ARCIS Saxophone Quartet, and Duo Jeux d’Anches (Accordion Duo).

In 2018, she started to experiment with improvisation performances with Istanbul-based multidisciplinary group, and Malaysian improvisors including Yong Yandsen (Saxophonist). She has also co-founded The New Music Room with two other Malaysian composers, Zihua Tan and XiaoXi Tee, all of whom are based in different continents to create an international platform – be it virtual, live, or a hybrid of those two – for composers and performers around the world to discuss and create new music through a series of forums, performances, masterclasses, and reading events.

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